HourPad lets you discover the best time management solution where you can track effective time spent and ongoing projects, manage and prioritize projects for fool proof planning and forecasting, and generating in-depth, comprehensive reports that ease billing and payment issues to a great extent


  • Multilevel approval for valid time entries

  • Efficient way to manage projects

  • Reports both in graph & tabular format

  • Split your pay period

  • Weekly / bi-weekly time entry submit

  • Do your own company branding

  • Intuit QuickBooks integration

  • Payment system integrated



  • MS SQL Server 2012

  • AngularJS, jQuery, Dygraphs, ZingChart

  • SignalR


HourPad provides insight to optimize user details which can boost the maximum utilization of resources. HourPad’s summary graphs, custom
color-coding option and around-the-clock support give you a comprehensive view for budget tracking to ensure effective planning. It is offering
a way to track project resources and employee tasks. It is also an efficient tool to track billable and non-billable expenses.

HourPad combines detail project information from employer, employee, client, project manager’s point of view and generate cumulative reports.

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