Download Peak Flow Gages

  • Download peak flow gage location in ArcGIS® platform
  • Multiple spatial extent option for downloading gages
  • Direct gage download from USGS database
  • Download data with user specified gage attributes from available attribute list
  • Create gage station shape file with user specified attributes
  • Attribute overwriting or appending option for peak flow gages

QStats Project Geodatabase

  • Create project within a geodatabase (GDB) that contains a single point feature layer
  • Perform desired GIS operations and spatial analysis on this point feature layer
  • Projected coordinate system

Peak Flow Data Processing

  • Gage selection for peak flow data download
  • Customized date range selection for downloading peak flow data
  • Downloaded peak flow data output viewer

QStats Simulation Module

  • Analyze peak flow data
  • Edit QStats input data
  • User specified confidence limit during QStats analysis
  • Program simulation
  • Interpretation of simulation results
  • Annual flood-frequency results
  • The Bulletin 17B result table
  • Estimate instantaneous annual maximum peak flows for different recurrence intervals
  • Generate flow area curve from output to estimate peak flow for a user specified drainage area