Profile Digitization

  • Flood profile
  • Water surface or any other topographic elevation profile
  • Cross section locations
  • Cross section elevation profile
  • Vertical obstruction levels of bridge, culvert or any other hydraulic structures

Data Extraction

  • Profile elevation.
  • Cross section station distance along horizontal profile
  • Elevation level of hydraulic structures.

Linear Interpolation in Profile Data

  • Comprehensive interpolate data option in tabular view
  • Perform linear interpolation between two consecutive digitized data in case of a specific profile

Advance Editing Features

  • Defines user specified coordinate reference points and allows correction or update depending on user requirements
  • Allows multiple image digitization in same coordinate frame and unlimited number of profiles
  • Special magnifying tool for accurate digitization
  • Data export option in CSV format
  • Allows project setup and save options
  • Preserves project images as references so that they can be reused anytime later

Data Export Options

  • Export Trace data to FEMA’s RASPLOT v3.0
  • Export data to a user specified Microsoft Access database file