WaterNAM revolutionizes the design and analysis of water distribution systems by seamlessly integrating hydraulic and water quality simulation capabilities within the ArcGIS® environment. It provides an all-in-one solution for a water infrastructure owners, managers and design engineers. WaterNAM applications may include:

  • Design and analysis of a community water distribution network including pipe sizing, rehabilitation, pressure optimization, valve allocation, loss estimation, pump scheduling and energy-cost analysis.
  • Designing sampling programs.
  • Study of disinfectant loss and by-product formations.
  • Evaluation of alternative strategies to improve water quality such as analysis with multi source system.
  • Optimization of pump and tank operations and, thereby, reducing water age.
  • Allocation of booster disinfection stations in order to achieve target residuals at the extreme ends.
  • Planning and improving a system’s hydraulic performance.
  • Fire-flow analysis and hydrant rating.
  • Source water quality tracking.
  • Study of valve operations in a network.
  • Study of system vulnerability and operator training.
  • Management of a GIS based water utility information system.