Multiple Dataset Management

  • Allows a user to create multiple datasets at a time
  • Enables users to copy and view multiple datasets in the same window

  • Allows users to import/export multiple datasets simultaneously

Tabular Editing Options

  • Allows users to edit all the dataset attributes in a single table
  • Provides copy and paste options in the attribute table

Dataset Operations

  • Clone Dataset: Allows users to efficiently make copies of a single or multiple datasets along with the time-series
  • Change DSN: Allows to change the dataset number (DSN) of a particular file

  • Quick Search: Helps users to quickly search for the WDM datasets with user specified attributes and filter them while displaying in the main window

Data Visualization

  • Enables users to observe time series data in comprehensive tables and charts
  • Allows users to specify a custom range of date-time in viewing the data

Time Series Operations

  • Aggregate Data: Allows a user to perform basic mathematical operations such as calculating sum, average, minimum and maximum value in a particular time series, and then enables to create a new WDM dataset using the aggregated values
  • Missing Value Adjustment: Can efficiently handle and populate missing time series data with a user specified values

Import and Export

  • Allows to efficiently import/export datasets and time series from/to another WDM files
  • Also enables users to easily import/export time series data from/to common text or spreadsheet files
  • Provides a number of convenient date-time formats in the file during import/export operation for a particular time series

Supported File Formats

  • Other than WDM files, WDM Toolkit can read or save time series files with .txt, .csv, .dat and .prn extensions during import/export

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